Sep 2016


Livy is a mobile app that utilizes A.I. to give personalized recommendations for events in your area. The A.I. learns from the user from both positive and negative feedback on events, and then adjusts future recommendations based on that feedback. With the UX research and wireframes in hand, our client was excited for me to bring their idea to life.

The Competition

In terms of competitors, there was a wide variety of visual styles. Meetup utilizes a very modern look and feel with a clean layout, whereas Yelp uses a similar look and feel to their text heavy website. Others like DoStuff have a look and feel that is somewhere in between.

Style Exploration

In the initial meeting with the client, they stressed the need for a clean look with minimal text. After analyzing the competitor styles, I created multiple style tiles to present to the client. The client wanted me to utilize two distinct style tiles in the visual design of the app. The first was a fresh and fun look, utilizing a lot of different colors to differentiate the types of recommendations. The other was a more serious and timeless approach.

Initial Design

For the initial mid-fidelity mockups I wanted to ensure that the client got a variety of different looks on the spectrum between the chosen style tiles. All mockups incorporated that clean look with minimal text that the client was looking for. After meeting with the client for feedback, they liked the design that was the hybrid of the two styles.

Final Design

I incorporated the client feedback, as well as user feedback through desirability testing to finalize the design. The final design utilizes negative space effectively for a clean look, and uses pops of color for emphasis.

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